2103, March 3rd: Listening Probe Alpha Proximus 5 detects anomalous signals reminiscent of the famous WOW signal. 2103, April 17th: Unidentified object with a diameter of approximately three miles appears suddenly in orbit around Neptune. It is deemed to be different than any other space object ever recorded.

2103, April 18th: The Unidentified object, now classified UO-23a, moves into orbit around saturn.

2103, April 21st: UO-23a is revealed to be a spacecraft of non-terrestrial origin. The military goes on standby.

2103, April 23rd: The Invasion begins with a nuclear bombardment. Overly fifty million people are estimated to have been killed that day, with countless more injured.

2103, April 25th: The death toll is well over a hundred million. All attempts to negotiate with UO-23a are met with failure.

2103, April 26th: The nuclear bombardment stops. A ground invasion of earth begins.

2103, July 4th: The aliens grant surrender to Earth. With over five hundred million dead, humanity complies.

2013, December 1st: The aliens move on mars.