Nova Games Software Development Company was formed in 2007 by current CEO Jacob Bradshaw. Andrew Ross joined in 2010 and is currently the assistant game designer and chief of graphics and art design.

Early Years

Nova Games initially produced trivia flash games for Addicting Games, an online flash game hosting site. Three successful video games, The Impossibly Hard Quiz 1, 2 and 3 were created conescutively. Combined the games were played over 2.5 million times, and garnered over $2,000 in profits.

Shift in Focus

In 2010, CEO Jacob Bradshaw broke off plans for a fourth trivia game in favor of focusing his efforts on a first person shooter, Alien Rising. His goal is to make the premier budget fps on the modern market. Alien Rising is intended for widespread distribution, through both direct physical mediums and via internet hosting.

Company Expansion

To handle the increased workload and ambitions of the Alien Rising project, Nova Games expanded to include a full employee Andrew Ross. For the Alien Rising project, Bradshaw and Ross agreed to work as equal partners, splitting any profits. Andrew currently handles most of the artistic design, and assists in game testing, level desing, and contributes to ideas for gameplay and story. Jacob Bradshaw does all the coding, and is the primary director of the storyline and gameplay.

In addition to the employment of Andrew Ross, numerous alpha and beta stage game testers were recruited.